Design is like a poetic response to its surroundings, be it space, environment or people. Design evolves through time within the boundary of one's knowledge. And as in many aspect in one's life, it is apparent that design needs to find its balance, despite its natural duty to be bold.

A good design requires comprehension and appreciation of self and all its elements. It is where a fine taste meets its honest expectation of space in a correct proportion and proper execution that is beyond average, despite the constant human elements in the progress.
Andre's design is never about himself alone, he does not owe himself to one particular style, although by nature he is very much fascinated by architectural elements.

Design is fluid and so is its creator. He believes that the objective of design is to showcase one's life within one's boundary. And it is the duty of the Interior Designer to properly shape its concept and style. This is how we satisfy our clients in Andreas Sugianto Archterior Pte. Ltd. Nothing less!